Drop Box at the Aberdeen Library!

This morning is a little rainyРa great day to use the BRAND NEW DRIVE UP DROP-BOX at the Aberdeen Library.

See these photos I took the other day. When I learned last year that the Aberdeen Library is 5+ years out for a renovation, I asked if Harford County could provide a drop-box.

The initial answer was “no, and only one other library in the County has a drop box.” We worked though it, and now there is a way for folks with kids in the car or handicapped people to drive up to the drop box and leave the books.

I often get frustrated with the slow pace of things in the government, but the Harford County Government and Harford County Public Library got it done!

The Aberdeen Library is a great building with a great staff. We will continue to advocate for increased investment in Aberdeen, but we need to be happy with what we have as well.

If you have ideas for new programming at the Library, let’s work together to add it. The best case for a new library is one that this overcapacity of events and activities!

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