Referendum Petition for Charter Amendment

Update June 29, 2017

Text of video below:

Hi there-

I’m Patrick McGrady, the Mayor of Aberdeen, and I’m coming to you today with an update on the Petition Drive to bring to referendum the Charter Amendments passed by the Aberdeen City Council on May 8th, 2017.

To get up to date on the changes made and how we got to here, you can go to

First, let me say how proud I am of the response from our community to push to bring this charter amendment to referendum. Community involvement is the only way that we can achieve the kinds of changes we want to see in Aberdeen– we want a stronger community that’s attractive to families and businesses.

Almost universally, the response that I got from people was surprise that it is legal to change the powers of the elected Mayor and Council between elections, and that the Council would take these steps without asking the voters to approve.

State law establishes how these kinds of changes are to be made, and how a referendum process would work. Specifically, when a charter amendment is adopted by a simple majority vote, the voters of the Town or City have 40 days to collect signatures equal in number to 20% of the registered voters of the town or City.

If these signatures are collected and validated by the City board of elections, then the petition is successful, and the issue is brought to the voters by referendum– the voters can have a say in whether or not the changes take effect.

In Aberdeen’s case, that means 20% of about 10,000 registered voters need to sign a petition.

This is a very high hurdle to achieve on any issue. This was something that I felt obligated to attempt, given that I was elected to stand up for the voters of Aberdeen.

By the 40th day, June 17, 2017, I had received just about 1,178 petitions signed and returned to me– mailed to my house, dropped off on my porch, at my office, and at City Hall 🙂 That’s just about 30 per day!

Some of these, of course, will not be valid registered voters of Aberdeen– some folks who live outside of town limits signed, and some people who haven’t registered to vote yet in Aberdeen signed too.

This is a photocopy of the original petition signatures. Look at this impressive stack. This is your voice being heard, Aberdeen!

To everybody who signed the petition, thank you. Thank you to all of those who circulated the petition in their neighborhoods. And thank you to all of those who called me and wished me well on the effort.

On Saturday, June 27, I mailed the petitions to City Hall at about 4:45PM. After I submitted the originals, another 93 or so came in– that’s a total of about 1271 signatures!

This is short of our legal requirement of 1,990, so this issue will not be placed on the ballot at this time. The Charter Amendment as adopted by 3 members of the Council on May 8 will take effect on June 27, 2017.

However, this number of signatures represents a huge portion of the voters in Aberdeen elections.

In 2015, when I was elected with a total number of 602 votes, only 1788 votes were cast for Mayor.

In that same election, the City Council Candidate who received the most votes got 899 votes.

That number of signatures, 1178, is impressive to me because compared to voting, it’s a lot of work.

People had to get the petition, sign the petition, and return the petition. The intensity of support for this referendum effort is impressive.

So, of the people who voted in the last Aberdeen municipal election, that is, 1799 voters, 1271 signed and returned this petition.

That’s a number of signers equal to 70.65% of the number of voters who voted in the last Aberdeen election.

That’s more than 2 times the number that voted for me.

This issue goes beyond support for me, or support for the Council– it’s bad policy to change the form of government between elections, and Aberdeen voters understand that.

That number of signatures, 1178, is almost 1.5x the number who voted for the highest vote-getting Council Candidate.

It’s clear that the voters of Aberdeen want to have a say in these kinds of changes to the City Charter.

It’s clear that the voters of Aberdeen have a problem with a simple majority of the City Council changing the form of government between elections.

I look forward to working with the City Council to fix the action that was taken on May 8.

Going through this referendum process has also made me aware of a problem that I promise to fix– the process for filing a petition to referendum is confusing, murky, and requires legal expertise to understand.

It took me the first 10 days after May 8, when the Council adopted the Charter Amendment, to put together a petition in a format that would be legally permitted. This delay is unacceptable for future petitioners of the City government.

I promise that the City will produce a template for future petition efforts– it is a fundamental right of the voters of Aberdeen to be able to petition the government, and it’s crucial that the City government makes the process transparent and clear. We will get this done.

On another front, I plan to lobby our state legislature to change state law to permit municipalities to locally control the process of referendums and changes to the form of government.

State law requires a referendum for changes to the State Constitution and County law requires a referendum to change the County Charter.

It’s unreasonable that the kinds of changes to the form of government that were adopted by the City Council on May 8 can be done without a referendum, and if we have to change state law to prevent these kinds of things happening to the other 150+ towns in Maryland, that’s what we will do.

As always, you can call me on my cell phone anytime at 410.357.1234.

So, thanks again to all of you who supported the petition effort, and have a beautiful day!

Update June 12, 2017:

URGENT PETITION DEADLINE: Petitions must be received by 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 17

Dear Neighbor,

This letter serves as an update regarding the May 8 vote by three members of the Aberdeen City Council to significantly change the form of government in Aberdeen, without the voters’ input. I believe the voters in Aberdeen should have a say in making these changes.

The back of this letter shows, in graphical format, the changes to the Aberdeen City Charter.

The three members of the Aberdeen City Council who voted for these changes, Councilwoman Landbeck, Councilman Lindecamp, and Councilman Taylor, have presented a series of explanations for supporting them.

They claim the following:

In our “form of government”, the Mayor should not have authority over the government. So, the three Council members eliminated this authority.

The Mayor shouldn’t be able to prepare the budget and then vote on the budget. So, the three members changed the Charter to have the budget be prepared by the City Manager, who is not elected.

The fact is, the Charter was good enough for the last Mayor– the last changes to the form of government were adopted in 2011. The only difference now is that there’s a new Mayor, with new ideas and a new vision for the City. Whether you like me or not, this is a bad way to govern.

These kinds of things, when changed at the County or State level, require the voters to approve. Why shouldn’t the voters get a say here in Aberdeen?

The reason for the referendum petition drive is that the voters should decide on changes to the structure of the government in between elections. Why have elections if three members of the Council are going to hastily change the government after the election?

In Maryland, State law authorizes municipalities to run their local government with a lot of flexibility. A simple majority of the City Council (in Aberdeen’s instance, 3 votes) can legally do almost anything it wishes. So, the changes on May 8 are likely legal, even though they are wrong from the perspective of good government.

State law also establishes the manner by which a petition drive can be initiated and completed. If we are able to collect 1,990 signatures before Saturday, June 17, there will be a vote held to determine if the voters approve of the changes, or not. This election can be held either immediately (within 40-60 days) or at the time of the next election. This decision is up to the City Council.

If you agree, then please fill out the petition and return it to me immediately. June 17 is the deadline for collecting these petitions.

As usual, please call me if you have questions or concerns. My cell phone number is 410.357.1234.

Very Respectfully,

Patrick McGrady

Mayor, City of Aberdeen

These are the majority of the Changes that Councilwoman Landbeck, Councilman Lindecamp, and Councilman Taylor voted to adopt on May 8. For the total list of changes, you can go to website for the referendum drive at or call me and I will mail you a copy.


As referenced in my earlier Statement here, the City Council voted to remove the authority of the Mayor without the voter’s say in the matter. This is wrong, and we have the ability to do something about it.

Here is a link to the Petition to put this on the ballot for the voters to decide: Petition to referendum for Charter Amendment Click here to open the PDF, then print and sign and return to Patrick McGrady at 310 W Bel Air Ave Aberdeen, MD 21001 as soon as possible. 

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The City Council voted to significantly change the structure of the City government, and for the voters of the City of Aberdeen to have a say in this, we need to collect 1,990 signatures before June 17.

Dear Aberdeen Citizen and Neighbor,

The Constitution of the United States is the framework of our government at the federal level, and the Aberdeen City Charter is our local government’s Constitution.

The City Council on May 8, 2017 voted to change the structure of the City government with three votes. Councilwoman Sandra Landbeck, Councilman Melvin Taylor, and Councilman Timothy Lindecamp voted to remove the authority of the Mayor over the City, in effect making the Mayor position powerless—taking away the power of your vote without any input from you.

The people of Aberdeen voted for the form of government that included the Mayor as the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Aberdeen.

This form of government allows you to call me when there is a problem, and I can address it. In the past year, I have received calls about garbage pickup, potholes, taxes, trash stickers, and sewer backups. That’s what I signed up for. That’s why we elect a Mayor.

The City Council voted on May 8, 2017 to remove this authority and they don’t want you to get a say in the matter. It seems crazy to me to change the form of government without the voter’s consent.

Well, I was elected to stand up for you, whether you voted for me or not, and I believe the voters should have a say when we change the City Constitution.

Changing the form of government like this is something that is done in third-world countries, not in America. The voters deserve a say in their government.

For the voters to have a say on this matter, we need to collect signatures on the attached petition. If we can collect 1,990 signatures (20% of the registered voters of the City of Aberdeen) by June 17, then we can put this to a vote on the ballot—so the voters can decide about their government.

It is crucial that we work together to get all the registered voters that we know to sign the petition to get this put on the ballot.

Over the next few weeks, with your help, we will be going door-to-door to collect the signatures needed to get this on the ballot. If you want to help, please email at or call anytime at 410.357.1234.

Please print and sign the petition and return it to me immediately. If you have questions, you can call me at 410.357.1234. We need to work together to collect 1,990 signatures by June 17.

Very Respectfully,

Patrick McGrady
Mayor, City of Aberdeen
Cell phone: 410.357.1234

P.S. The voters deserve a say in their government. Please sign the petition enclosed and return to me so we can get a ballot referendum on this radical change in government before June 17, 2017.

Statement on Charter Amendment adopted by City Council 5/8/2017

When we elect a president (like him or not) we don’t try and change the rules to take away his authority granted by the voters, and that is exactly what has been done in Aberdeen.

The Citizens of Aberdeen voted for a Mayor and for a Council in November of 2015, and the City Council voted Monday night to change the results of the election because they think they know better than the voters how the Mayor and Council should interact.

The Charter of the City of Aberdeen is the document that establishes our government– it is our Constitution. It is a radical and unacceptable action to fundamentally change the form of government between elections.

This action is a violation of the fundamentally American principle that voters get to make decisions about their government.

Changes to the structure of government should never be rammed through without the public approving of the changes, and that is what Councilwoman Landbeck, Councilman Lindecamp, and Councilman Taylor have voted to do.

Specifically, these changes will take away the powers of the duly-elected Mayor over the budget, over oversight of the City government, of reporting to the public via the State of the City address, and removes the authority to make appointments for all public commissions of the City.

In order to include the voters in this process, I attempted to make these changes effective after the next Mayor is elected so that the people have a say in these changes. However, Councilwoman Landbeck, Councilman Lindecamp, and Councilman Taylor all voted against this change.

I have had multiple calls from community members to petition this issue to referendum, and I’m evaluating what would need to happen for that to be successful.

Charter Amendment Resolution No. 17-CR-01 Council-Manager Form of Government 5-8-17 as amended & signed (5)

Maryland State Highway 22 Construction meeting report

Executive Summary: The Maryland State Highway Administration is working closely with the City of Aberdeen to try to accelerate the completion of the construction projects on Route 22.

The City of Aberdeen is right in the middle of the huge Maryland State Highway Administration project to widen Route 22 from APG to I-95.

For three years, construction has been ongoing, and causing serious delays at Beards Hill and 22, Mount Royal and 22, Middleton and 22, and Paradise and 22.

We invited representatives from the Maryland Department of Transportation (who is responsible for all of MD-22) to come to the Aberdeen City Council and discuss ways to speed up the projects, to make the construction more manageable for our community and businesses, and to get an idea of an expected completion date.

We learned through two City Council meetings that the project at 22 and Beards Hill is 6 months behind schedule, with an expected completion date of late 2017. The Paradise and 22 intersection is 2 months behind schedule with an expected completion date of late 2017.

The primary concern for local traffic is access to the Beards Hill and 22 intersection where cars were sitting for 4-5 light cycles at rush hour. Aberdeen businesses who attended made some good recommendations that SHA agreed to take on.

Some of them were:

  • Adjusting the traffic signal timing to make accessing our local shops and restaurants easier
  • Marking the limited lanes better
  • Adjusting the work times (we learned that the current work schedule was 8PM – 5am weekdays, explaining why it is rare to see people working on the roadside during the day)

And SHA made some changes based on these recommendations.. They adjusted the signal timing to max-out the time for Beards Hill traffic to cross. They marked the “right-only” lanes better at Beards Hill and 22. And the put up signs that say “All businesses open during construction.”

These changes have made the traffic situation better– but we wanted to know how SHA can do this job faster. Can they work longer hours? Can they deploy more money to get more people working to get it done?

Then on Friday, May 26, SHA met came back to City Hall, this time with their Management team for the Construction project. They brought a proposal to detour Beards Hill Road after 10PM until 5am in order to get the intersection, on the McDonalds-APGFCU side done sooner.

This change will take an entire month off of the project– and if the weather is not too wet, we expect completion before August at the Beards Hill/22 intersection. We expect updates from SHA on a more regular basis so we can keep a better idea of progress.

If SHA deployed more money to get more workers working longer hours, the side-effect would be even worse traffic conditions while even more lanes are closed. Because of the potential of choking off our local businesses, this idea was put aside for now.

While this project is a long, long, long-term project, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. More to follow.

Aberdeen needs your ideas!

How would you spend $279,153 to improve Aberdeen? The Aberdeen City Council wants to hear your ideas! Please attend the Public Hearing on Monday, February 22 at Aberdeen City Hall at 7PM and bring your ideas and plans. If you cannot attend the hearing, SCROLL DOWN to fill out a survey about how you think we should spend it.

As the result of a City Revolving Loan program being ended by the State Government, the City has access to $279,153 to spend to improve Aberdeen– and Mayor McGrady and the Aberdeen City Council want your ideas!

In order to approve the plan to spend any of this money, the Aberdeen City Council will have to vote on it, but we need to hear from YOU.

The money has to be spent in a way that complies with 1 or more of the following:

“Benefit low and moderate income persons and households;
Aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight;
Meet other community development needs of an urgent nature, or that are an immediate threat to community health and welfare.”

So please join us at City Hearing on Monday February 22 at 7PM at Aberdeen City Hall or fill out the form below to let the Council know what you think. At the public hearing, everyone will have the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes about their ideas.

If you have any questions, please call Mayor Patrick McGrady at 410.357.1234 or email at

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Street Address’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

The official notice of public hearing is below:


The City of Aberdeen will conduct a Public Hearing to obtain the views of citizens on community, economic development, and housing needs to be considered for submission of an application to the Maryland Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). Citizens will have the opportunity to discuss proposed projects and to provide input on other needs to be considered. The hearing will be held at the Aberdeen City Council Chambers, 60 North Parke Street, Aberdeen, MD 21001 at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 22, 2016.

Citizens will be furnished with information including but not limited to:
The amount of CDBG funds available to the City of Aberdeen;
The range of activities that may be undertaken with the CDBG funds; and
The proposed project(s) under consideration by the City of Aberdeen.

The Maryland CDBG Program is a federally sponsored program designed to assist governments with activities directed toward neighborhood and housing revitalization, economic development, and improved community facilities and services. It is administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development.

The Maryland CDBG Program reflects the State’s economic and community development priorities and provides public funds for activities which meet one of the following national objectives, in accordance with the Federal Housing Community Act of 1974, as amended:

Benefit low and moderate income persons and households;
Aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight;
Meet other community development needs of an urgent nature, or that are an immediate threat to community health and welfare.

Efforts will be made to accommodate citizens with special needs with ten (10) days advanced notice to Monica Correll, City Clerk at 410-272-1600 ext. 211.

Director of Planning and Community Development

Building Community in Snow Storm Jonas


I want to share a heartwarming story with you that occurred during last month’s historic snowstorm.

On Monday after the storm, while I was working to get my neighborhood plowed out, I received a phone call from a nice woman who said that the folks at the Aberdeen Fire Department gave her my telephone number as somebody who wants to help people shovel out.

I said, “OK– what do you have for me?”

She explained that there is an amputee/disabled veteran who lives with his mother and needs help shoveling snow.

Two minutes later, I posted on facebook that an amputee veteran and his mom needed help shoveling and that I was on my way there. I asked for help via facebook with something like: “Can you help? Many hands make light work.”

Seven minutes later, I pulled off the road and banged on the front door. Ms. Sandie came to the door to say hello, and showed me the photo of her son, an amputee veteran in his twenties, on the wall.

Her son had tried shoveling out earlier, but he fell down a couple times because of his prosthesis. Overwhelmed by this story and the photograph of the young man on the wall, I insisted — “OK, I’m getting to work right now, and I hope to get done by dark. If I don’t get it done, I will be back tomorrow with help.”

It was ~3:15PM, and I wanted to get to work right away because I knew the snow would be freezing soon and would be much harder to shovel after dark.

Not five shovelfuls later, two big plainclothes army guys showed up ready to work. And they were smart — they brought a snowblower. One from Ohio and one from Michigan, they knew their way around snow. They had seen my facebook post minutes before and drove over to help. Sergeant First Class Anderson and Ed Swiger.

Five minutes later, two more guys showed up. An Army diesel mechanic and a soldier from Georgia, Thomas McEylea and Daniel McIntyre.

Then Mercedes Smith rolled up to dig in.

And we were all shoveling and snow-blowing and talking and working to help this family out.

It was awesome.

Then the neighbor asked for help, and we went and helped shovel that corner.

After we got done, Ms. Sandie expressed that she was thankful and wanted to make sure we all knew about the April 30 fundraiser for her son, Jesse Wallace, who is trying to raise money to get a hand-cycle to compete at the Wounded Warrior Games. These hand-cycles are custom-built and cost between $3000 and $6500.

This fundraiser is a Poker Run to be held at the Chesapeake Harley Davidson in Darlington on Route 1. A Poker Run is a motorcycle or car event that starts and ends at the Harley Dealership. At several stops along the way, each participant picks up a random playing card. At the end, the person/group with the best hand wins!

I hope you will consider participating in Jesse’s Poker Run Fundraiser, and as more details are released, I will share them here.

Kindheartedness and neighborliness is alive in Aberdeen, and I’m so thankful I got to be part of this experience to help one of our own in such a simple way. This is what real ‘community’ is about– let’s all try and grow community together. There are lots of opportunities right in our neighborhoods to make big differences in other people’s lives. Let’s get it done. 

If you have ideas of how to build community and want to share your ideas, let’s talk. I view my job as Mayor as a facilitator to connect people to solve problems. Want to start the “Aberdeen Snow Shovel Brigade” in your neighborhood? Do you know a family who needs help? Send me a message or call me at 410.357.1234 and let’s use community to solve problems.

Here is the link to Jesse Wallace’s GoFundMe campaign, to fund the purchase of a hand-cycle. Please contribute if you are able:

Jesse wallace walking

Top Photo Credit: Courtney McIntyre. Left to Right: Thomas McElyea, Daniel McIntyre, Ed Swiger, Sandie Higley, Mercedes Smith, Patrick McGrady

Photo of Jesse Wallace walking is from the GoFundMe Site.

As always, my Cell Phone number is 410.357.1234. You can email me at Patrick (at) or using this contact form.

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patrick sig (2)

P.S. Also, a big THANK YOU to Ted Wilcox and Fred Norman, who showed up to help in less than an hour, but we were already done with the shoveling 🙂 Also thanks to Leonora Garvey, who called me to tell me about the need for help.

Contact the Aberdeen City Council and ask them to Support McGrady’s Nomination of Kolligs

Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady has nominated Jason Kolligs, a US Naval Academy graduate and highly-qualified candidate, to fill the vacancy on the Aberdeen City Council. Jason’s Resume is linked in the press release, here.

In order for the people of Aberdeen to be fully-represented on the Aberdeen Council, the Council will be asked to vote on February 8 to approve the nomination of Jason Kolligs.

The Council has already rejected Mayor McGrady’s first nomination of Sean DeBonis, one of the two candidates who were tied in the November election.

In order to move Aberdeen forward past the vacancy, the Council must vote to approve McGrady’s nomination of US Navy Veteran Jason Kolligs. Aberdeen has many serious issues to address, like downtown development, high water bills, and safer communities. In order to address these, the people of Aberdeen deserve a full Council.

Please contact the members of the Aberdeen City Council and ask that they vote to support Jason Kolligs for the Council Vacancy on February 8, 2016 at the City Council Meeting to be held at City Hall.

Fill out the form below to email all the members of the Aberdeen City Council and ask that they support Mayor McGrady’s nomination of Jason Kolligs. Tell them “Please vote to support Jason Kolligs so that the people of Aberdeen can be fully represented on the Aberdeen City Council. Put the politics aside and vote to approve Jason Kolligs, a highly-qualified candidate for City Council!”

Use the form below to send a message to the Aberdeen City Council.

[contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Phone’ type=’text’/][contact-field label=’Message for the Council’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

10497186_10203283181381507_6863282386148745967_o 11921672_10100393372570457_426815086556990118_n 12357047_10100438626446327_8232055752481002942_o IMG_0072

Mayor Patrick McGrady Nominates Jason Kolligs to fill Council Vacancy

January 11, 2016–

Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady announced his intent to nominate Jason Kolligs, a highly-qualified Aberdeen resident, to fill the vacancy on the Aberdeen City Council.

Jason Kolligs is a US Naval Academy Graduate, former US Navy Officer, and engineer who is ready to serve the people of Aberdeen starting as soon as the Council approves the nomination.

Mayor McGrady followed up the declaration of intent to nominate Kolligs with a message to the people of Aberdeen, asking “Contact the City Council and ask this Council to vote to approve Jason Kolligs, a highly-qualified citizen of Aberdeen, so we can get down to business with all the important work of City Government.”

At the next meeting of the Aberdeen City Council on January 25, 2016, per the Aberdeen Charter, Mayor McGrady will nominate Kolligs to fill the vacancy on the City Council. Three votes are required to confirm the nomination and seat Kolligs on the Council.

Regarding Jason Kolligs, Mayor McGrady said “I am personally proud to know Jason Kolligs and can tell you that he is prepared to hit the ground running to make Aberdeen a better place to live and work.”

The vacancy on the Aberdeen City Council exists because of a tie in the election results of the November 2015 Aberdeen City Municipal Election. The electoral tie created a vacancy on the Aberdeen City Council, and the Aberdeen City Charter instructs that a vacancy is to be filled by a nomination by the Mayor, and confirmation by the Council.

Jason Kolligs’ Resume is linked here in PDF format.

Below is Jason Kollig’s Resume

Jason Kolligs

483 Elissa Court Aberdeen, MD 21001

Cell Phone:(603) 689-6439


An INCOSE certified systems engineer with total product life-cycle and acquisition life-cycle experience with a focus in requirements engineering and test plan development. Strong academic and applied background in systems engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. Most recent experience is program management and acquisition systems engineering at the DOD level. Multiple leadership positions covering both personnel and budgets. Active Top Secret (SSBI) clearance. Prior military and software experience makes for versatility within systems engineering. Well-versed in presentations, customer interaction, and company travel.
Anti-Tamper DOORS Mensa Member (100230075) Top Secret Clearance
Requirements Engineering SharePoint Test Plan Development / Execution Lean / Six Sigma
Professional Experience
Senior Systems Engineer MITRE April 2015 – Present
·         Staff Systems Engineer for PEO IEW&S / Portfolio Systems Engineer for PM SAI (a PEO position)

·         Support the Sponsor with systems engineering, decision analysis, and acquisition problem solving

·         Author of the ISR Test Bed Overview and the 117G Replacement Market Survey

Associate / Lead Systems Engineer Booz Allen Hamilton August 2012 – April 2015
·         Lead Systems Engineer PD SAMR (PM SAI)

·         Chair Systems Engineering Integrated Product Team meetings for the program among client stakeholders

·         Conceptualized, created and maintained issue tracking databases for each program

·         Conduct Technical Evaluations of proposals, contract modifications, engineering change proposals, rough orders of magnitude, trade studies and any Contract Deliverables

·         Authored trade studies, test plans, engineering plans, procedural documents, and requirement specifications

·         Subject Matter Expert for three (3) proposals

Systems Engineer 3 TYBRIN Corp. / Jacobs Tech. October 2011 – August 2012
·         Configuration Control Board Chairman for Consolidated Airdrop Tool (CAT) program

·         Author of System/Sub-System Specifications and Software Requirement Specifications in accordance with MIL-STD-498

·         DOORS database manager for the CAT program

·         Daily activities include: reviewing documents, process improvement, and offering systems engineering expertise to both the systems and software teams

Senior Systems Engineer BAE Systems October 2007 – October 2011
·         Technical Lead and Cost Account Manager for the CMWS Tier 1 Algorithm Phase 1d Effort ($400K budget)

·         Anti Tamper Expert leading a team through Trade Studies and Key Management Plan

·         CMWS Data Collection Team Lead with a seven (7) member team performing all aspects of test event coordination including classified material mobility plans, site access, equipment selection and delivery, test setup, and travel.

·         Subject Matter Expert for a CMWS Functional Configuration Audit (FCA) of System Requirements

·         CMWS System Integration Test Team Member for four (4) major software releases

·         Applied Lean and Six Sigma principles to reduce test time by 50% while increasing requirements coverage and traceability

Systems Engineer II Raytheon April 2005 – October 2007
Naval Officer U.S. Navy May 2003 – April 2005
Degrees & Certifications
Associate Systems Engineering Professional, Certificate International Council Of Systems Engineers, 2014
Systems Architecture & Engineering, M.S. (3.81) University of Southern California, 2012
Officer Curriculum, Certificate, (3.20) U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School, 2004
Computer Science, with Merit, B.S. (3.38) U.S. Naval Academy, 2003

  [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Phone number’ type=’text’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

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